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If you ever hit wildlife while driving OR you see wildlife that has been hit PLEASE STOP.

  • Remove animal from Road
  • Check to see if it is still alive. If it is alive, IMEDIATELY take it to the closest Veterinarian.
  • If it is dead, for Koalas, Macropods, possums, check to see if it is male or female. If it is female, look/feel the outside of the pouch area for a joey. ALL Marsupials infants are called joeys – koalas, possums, gliders, numbats, bilbies, wombats, and more.
  • If there is a joey in the pouch the next stages are very critical. If the joey is furless, (a pinkie) it is ESSENTIAL NOT to pull the joey out of the pouch (or off the teat). If it is pulled off the teat it will start bleeding into the brain and die.
  • With the joey still attached to the teat, insert a safety pin (paper clip etc.) through the center of the teat as close to the joeys mouth. This is to stop the joey from swallowing the teat.
  • Using scissors, Stanley knife or similar cut the teat as close as possible to the Mother.
  • With two hands clasped firmly around the joey to gently remove it from the pouch.


  • Pinkie joeys can NOT thermoregulate so they need artificial heat. The joey will be kept at 32 degrees. All injured wildlife need extra warm after an accident and stress. I suggest (if there is a female MOP) that the pinkie be kept inside her bra on the left side so the joey hears her heart & gets warmth. If the ‘saver’ is male but the joey against bare skin in the chest area near heart.
  • For a Furred joey – wrap it in a jacket, t-shirt towel.
  • Have your car very quiet (preferably no talking, music etc)
  • Never allow anyone to peek/look at the joeys.
  • Never allow child or pets to hold or get near the joey,
  • NEVER give ‘saved’ wildlife anything to EAT OR DRINK NOT even water.
  • Get the joey to a Licensed Wildlife Carer, a Wildlife Veterinarian or a Wildlife Rescue Group IMEDIATELY.

Following the above steps are essential and will mean the difference between the joey living or dying.

There are instances where the joey could have been flung from the mother’s pouch on impact or a member of the public has already removed it from the mother’s pouch.

Unfortunately, sometimes well meaning members of the public give the joey to their children to play with it, place it into a box or just simply lay it on the floor. These joeys often never recover from the stress of this type of treatment and die.

A joey whose mother has killed may be dehydrated and in shock and could also be suffering from hyperglycaemia and/or hypothermia. So the joey needs to taken to someone who knows what needs to be done.

The below information is essential to be given to the carer so the orphaned joey gets the appropriate treatment.

Before leaving the site PLEASE:

  1. About what time was the Mother hit? Was her body warm?
  2. Identify Mother’s species.
  3. What injuries did the Mother sustain, what areas of her body were hit by the car.
  4. What condition was the Mother in (before accident).





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Echidna Puggle Hatching

There are two Monotremes Animals. Platypus and Echidnas. Their offspring are called “Puggles”.
This photo is part of a Video that CSIRO did in 1974.

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Sherpa Slip Covers (Extra or Spares)

Soft & Fluffy, these Sherpa slip covers keep Warm.A.Pet heat pads clean, assists in generating warmth from the heat pad and your pet will love the snuggly, woolly feel of the fabric.

“Road Tested” by a wildlife carer and her comments were:
“The Sherpa covers are really terrific. I would highly recommend them for wildlife use especially with smaller joeys of any species”

Two Sizes Available:

Large Size: 450mm x 330mm
Suits Large Deluxe, Joey Pouch and Large Economy Models.

Small Size: 330mm x 310mm
Suits Small Deluxe and Small Economy models.


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Temperature Control

This unit thermostatically controls the heat of 12 volt Warm.A.Pet heat pads – Small Deluxe & Joey Pouch models only.

Maintains chosen set temperature (say 25 degrees) and variance can be set to .3 of a degree. eg: If temperature is set at 25 degrees and the heat pad rises to 25.3 degrees, the unit will switch to “cool” or if the temperature of the heat pad drops to 24.7 degrees the unit switches to “heat” to constantly maintain the set temperature.

The Precision Temperature Control Unit is a brilliant addition to the wildlife carers’ kit of Warm.A.Pet 12 volt heat pads.

Note: This Thermostat unit can only be used with
Warm.A.Pet 12 volt heat pads and is not suitable for use with other brands.


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Warm a Pet Mini Deluxe Heat Pad

The Mini-Deluxe is a tiny 160mm x 160mm non-flexible heat pad developed for use in the care of very small animals that don’t require a larger sized pad.

Seven heat setting selection switch, located on the power supply, allows you to choose the ideal warmth for the animal in care.

Extra low voltage, supply approved power pack, means safe comfort for all animals in care.

Extremely low running costs – just cents per day, even if left on 24/7.

Thoroughly tested by many wildlife carers with very positive reviews.
(Trialled with, but not limited to the use with: Tawny Frogmouth chick, Black Duck hatchlings, other fledglings up to Magpie chick size, small Blue Tongue lizard, Sugar Glider and Micro Bats)

Two years Manufacturers’ Warranty.
(Does not cover damage by chewing, moisture, accidental or wilful damage etc.).


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Flexible Heat Pads for Joeys

This 400mm x 300mm sized flexible heat pad has been developed for use in artificial joey pouches used in the care of injured and orphaned pouch young.

Thoroughly tested by an experienced wildlife carer.

Extra low voltage, supply-authority approved power
pack means safe comfort for all animals.

Over-heat cut-out feature for extra safety.

Chew Resistant cord cover helps prevent damage.

Sherpa slip-cover included keeps the heat pad clean and removes easily for laundering.

Seven heat setting selection switch on the power supply allows you to choose the ideal warmth for the animal in care.

Can be converted for use in the car – see Car Lead details below.

Extremely low running costs – just cents per day, even if left on 24/7.

Two years Manufacturers’ Warranty.
(Does not cover damage by chewing, moisture, accidental or wilful damage etc.).
Special Car Lead for this “Joey Pouch” model.
Essential for Wildlife Carers on a rescue mission. Converts heat pad to run off the car battery while travelling by plugging into the cigarette lighter socket in the vehicle.


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