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CSIRO Oct 2014 Newsletter

By 2050, 95 per cent of seabirds will have plastic in their gut. That is just one finding from our national marine debris research project, the largest sample of marine debris data ever collected anywhere in the world.

We surveyed the entire Australian coast at 100 km intervals, with help from school groups and citizen scientists. We found that our shorelines are littered with debris. About three-quarters of it is plastic and, although there are some large items, 95 per cent of the items are just a few centimetres across, or smaller.

In Australian waters, you can expect to find anything from a few thousand to more than 40,000 pieces of plastic per square kilometre. Our research shows that the vast majority of this rubbish comes from the land, with large concentrations near our cities, rather than from litter dropped at sea.

Read more about plastic in our ocean, and what we can do about it, on our blog.

From Terri, Oct 2014:

It amazed me that one State in the USA with a population over 38 Million in 2014 is able to and has decied to BAN the use of Plastic Bags.

Australia’s population in 2014 is about 23 Million and I can’t imagine Australia banning Plastic Bags.

Only one Town in Australia has taken action to Ban Plastic Water Bottles. That was in 2009 and not a single town/city has followed.

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