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Four Corners ABC TV Monday 16 Feb 2015

I find it extremely interesting that Greyhound Racings Major Sponsor is Macro Meats.
Macro Meats would have been aware of the use of live animals to “blood” the Greyhounds.
Macro Meats support the “Australia World Record for undertaking the largest & cruelest Mass Murder of an animal.” Worse that the Canadian Seal Pup Clubbing”. Whale hunting, Dolphin slaughter at Taija Cove.
Aussies have been brainwashed and Kangaroos are scapegoats for the destruction of land from camels, cattle, rabbits, horses, sheep (introduced animals).

With “Drive by” shooting it is 100% impossible to kill ANY kangaroos humanely.
Pay attention to the second shooter.
Kills a protected Roo
The furred joey they remove from the pouch and he comments “it is just being a slacker for sitting in Mum’s pouch”, he/she was NOT old enough to even be having a very short time out of the pouch and would still be drinking milk for at least 12 more month.
Then there is the “pinkie” that the shooter stomps on & then his son.
The boy swings & bashing a lightly furred joey on a bumper.
Notice the alive & still moving Roos hanging by the hock.
Russia was the biggest importer of Kangaroo meat. They stopped when they realised that eating kangaroo meat can cause death, causes birth defects of unborn babies.


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Click on the below sentence to watch the video:

Short Beaked Echidna Egg being laid & then puggle hatching

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Please watch this short video Developers & heavy machinery operators could careless if the kill wildlife so they can make money.

I  have rescued  several koalas that have been forced into this situation. Koala can get terrible fractures & even die from the actions of these people. They are required to have “Spotter Catchers supervising” the bull dozing of wildlife trees. But alas many Spotter Catchers don’t do the job that is required of them or they don’t care about the wildlife.



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