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Baby Orangutan T-Shirt 2

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Kangaroo Joey T-Shirt 2

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Bat T-shirt 2

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Warm-a-pet Heart Beat

I would like to introduce you all to the newest product from Warm-a-Pet –  Heart Beat Simulator.

I have been dealing with Judy from Warm-a-Pet for about 13/14 years. I originally bought TWO of their Deluxe Heat Pads in 2000 with Car adaptor at a Pet Shop for $130 each (have seen them advertised for $180 in 2014). I then contacted Judy directly who was thrilled to help wildlife carers and sell the heat pads direct for less than half what I paid.

Over the years her Brilliant partner, John has developed new heat pads, thermostat and now the Heart Beat Simulator. I wish I had asked them about one 13 years ago.

This will not only be brilliant for Orphaned Marsupials it will a life line for people caring for orphaned domestic mammals.

Thank you Warm-a-Pet, John & Judy for supporting Australian Volunteer Wildlife Carers.


Warm-a-Pet Wildlife Price List Nov.2014 (2)


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Macropod Mothers produce Colostrum in their milk the whole time they are lactating and feeding a joey. So as a carer you want to do the very best for orphaned joeys and if you want to “duplicate’ what their Mother would be doing it is essential that Colostrum is in the milk. The Colostrum also makes sure that their immune system is in top shape. This can be verified by big fat puffy Thymus Glands.

I have heard carers say it is too exspensive. If it is too exspensive then either the carer should NOT be caring for Macropods or they should care for less macropods.

impact cropped (200pi)

Colostrum is an essential part of caring & raising healthy Macropods, so Colostrum should be budgeted accordingly so it is always used in milk.

Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital (treating 3000 to 4000 animals a year) have advised that the dose rate should be 7 grams per every 100mls of milk formula.

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If you see something here that you would like to buy, contact me and I will give you the suppliers details. Or if you want to buy something and don’t know where contact me to see if I have a contact. Terri

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Raibow Unicorn bed socksKanga SlippersKoala slippersI now have a great choice of foot warmers.
1. Rainbow bed socks with Unicorn
2. Kangaroo slippers complete with pouch joeys
3 Koala slippers

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