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Please read this newspaper article  BEFORE reading the rest of Matilda’s story. I was so moved by the article that I felt I had to do something to help. Here is the story so far…
Matilda is the name I gave to an orphaned Red Kangaroo in Alipore Zooilogical Gardens, India. On the 6th August 2012, Matilda’s Mum died leaving her the only Kangaroo at the Zoo. In 14 months, 14 Red Kangaroos died. Four Kangaroos including Matilda’s Mum came from Czechoslovakia. Matilda was conceived at Alipore Zoo. There were six brought from Mumbai and four from Chennai. These ten died within 2 months.
I was told Matilda was 9 months old. So needless to say with the small amount of history I had been given I was VERY VERY worried about Matilda. At 9 months a Kangaroo joey should be having 5 feeds in 24 hour. They told me she was Ok and independent. This did not add up at all. At 9 months Matilda would still e spending a lot to most of her time in Mum’s pouch. She did NOT have a pouch at the Zoo to sleep in. Where they making a 9 month old joey fen for herself when she still needed milk?
If my passport had not expired in 2008, I would have been on my way on the 8th August. My beautiful daughter Kirsten still thinks I should go to India and sort out the Zoo. LOL LOL The would not know what hit them.
So on the Wed morning, I started sending emails to anybody and everybody, media, strangers, friends etc.

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